Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A.P.R.- Cherry Blossom

Happy Wednesday All♥
I have a wee dilemma that I will only bore you briefly with....LOL

I have been working part time with a wonderful girl doing house cleaning....that's not the dilemma
because of the over dose in vacuuming and mopping I seem to have buggered up my wrists and hands this week.....

So whats the dilemma???
Pain.....I can't hold my mouse or type for my post is over....LOL

Here is my entry for this weeks A.P.R.
This is the beginning of my newest idea.....Picnic Art.
Details to follow when wrists allow.
Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2012

Blessings All♥



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  1. Sorry to hear of your wrist pain! That can be pearfectly awful! :) I hope you recover quickly. I think the third day is usually the worst and then the pain starts to diminish after that. I think your Picnic series sounds like fun. Can't wait to see more fruit & flowers, lettering and colored cloths.

  2. I knew that vacuuming and mopping is bad for your health...I've been saying it for years but no-one listens ;D
    I do the minimum because I need to keep fit and in tiptop condition (LOL)
    Sorry now I'll be serious...because it sounds painful. Let's hope it's only muscular and will ease soon.
    Your picnic art looks so pretty and I can't wait to see the series.
    Rest up :D

  3. I'm with Neesie!! It makes me break out in hives whenever I get near the vacuum. *giggles* I'm sorry to hear you've got battle wounds... I am glad that you were able to join in the fun. I LOVE the idea of picnic art. Your cherries are gorgeous! Warmly, Tracy APR #10

  4. Cindy, I love your picnic art it is really lovely. I'm so proud of you.
    Love Mom

  5. Vacuuming is something that should be avoided if possible, but I am sure your battle wounds will sort themselves out as your muscles get used to it... I hope it doesn't interfere with you creating work for us to enjoy though... get better soon...xx

  6. I'm with everyone, cleaning houses is best avoided, in fact I'm supposed to be cleaning mine right now but found something much better to do (commenting on the blogs). Hope your wrists get better quickly. Those cherries look delicious.

  7. So sorry about your hand and wrist pain....steer clear of vacuum cleaners and mops for a while. I have osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome so I understand that the pain can be quite debilitating. Your cherry blossom art is beautiful...quite delicate.

    Feel better soon ~ xo

  8. This is so pretty Cindy. SO sorry to hear about your war wounds. try to take care of yourself. Thanks for joining because I always so enjoy your art!

  9. My sympathies go out to you. I can almost feel your pain. It was good to see someone else who didn't make a pear this week. Looks like we both took the alternate road!

  10. Such a shame you're in pain but you produced a beautiful picture worthy of any picnic set. I love pears but cherries are one of my mOSt favourite fruits, to be eaten at any given opportunity :0) APR #15

  11. Hope your wrists and hands feel better soon. Your picnic art is really pretty. Pink and green are just a wonderful combination. Visiting from APR.

  12. your picnic series does sound fun! i love the cherries - they look like pokeroot and they look good enough to eat! hope your wrists are feeling better quickly - ouch!

  13. The cherries are pearfect for this time of year!

  14. Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for my 'Vonny' sign. I printed it out and now have it on my wall. It is gorgeous.
    Thanks again.


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