Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Picnic Art

"My Picnic Art"

Cottage Remnant Artwork 2012

Here is my newest idea, I am going to attempt to start and COMPLETE a full set of "picnic Art".
What is Picnic Art you say???

Well, have you ever played the game that went like this;
I am going to a picnic and I am bring Carrots!
Now if I had said Sandwichs, I wouldn't be allowed to go (of course this is a pretend picnic :0)
If I had said Carmel Cookies, I could go....Hot Dogs, I could not go....get it! I thought I'd like to create little pictures to coordinate with the picnic.
I did three for my kitchen....of which myself, hubby and daughter could go.

So here is "M"....M because it is my sister's birthday this weekend....

I like to think that this was totally my original idea, and that I am soooooo clever....but I highly doubt someone hasn't thought of this before.....
"Nothing new under the sun" as scripture says.....

Well enjoy the rest of your wonderful weekend.
Be Blessed,
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  1. these are such fun, cindy! and i love the colors you chose :)

  2. Cindy , if I bring some bright, bottled berries can I come on the picnic ?
    Blessings from Bernice

  3. Wow! You were serious about loving pink when you challenged us to use it at Inspiration Avenue. Your picnic series is of to a great start. I love your watercolored bowl of macaroni salad. Blessings!


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