Sunday, August 12, 2012

♫Bend and Stretch reach for the sky♫

Good Sunday Morning All!!!
The Sun is trying with all it's might to break through the clouds.

I was singing a little ditty yesterday morning, and it got me to thinking...Oh oh!!!
♫Bend and stretch
reach for the sky
stand on tippy-toes
oh so high♫

Is it a little song for children and excersice???
is it a song for adults who have become "comfortable" with the way things are?

Do we need to bend our thinking patterns, are they stuck in one direction?
Do we need to stretch our boundaries, look outside the norm?
Do we need to reach for our dreams, instead of accepting "what is"?
And do we need to stand tall, be proud of the people we are, bow to no ones idea of what or who we should be?

I hope to bend and stretch and reach for the sky, I hope to stand on my tippy toes....ever so high
Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright2012

Cottage Remnant
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  1. Oh Cindy, this is a delightful & wonderful post! How clever of you to take a little song and apply it to our everyday lives! Love it! XO :)

  2. That is just what i needed to read on a Monday morning... time to stretch I think... and love the illustration xx

  3. A delightful post fact I think I stretched today but will try to bend and reach for the sky tomorrow :D


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