Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Well there appears to be a little bit of EVERYTHING today, and everyday...LOL

I have been trying to get my new website up and running...
I am creating background wallpapers for Webpages and Blogs....
So there is a little bit of everything everywhere all the time....LOL

On a much sadder note, what isn't on my desk is my girl Peanut.
You've all met my boy Franklin, 

well Peanut was my cat I've had for over 18 years....she would quietly "appear" at my chair and would gently tap my leg with her paw....that meant she wanted up, she didn't like to be alone anymore....

Well yesterday I had to lay her to rest.

Blessings of Mercy and Grace to all

Cottage Remnant
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  1. So sad to hear about Peanut - it's always so hard to say goodbye to a friend. I hope you and Franklin will be keeping each other company today...
    Alison x

  2. Oh that's sad. I guess Peanut had a good life and 18 is a long life too. x Jo

  3. so sorry to hear about poor Peanut, I am sure she is forever in your heart!

  4. So sorry to hear about your cat, I know how it feels when ones beloved finally goes. Hugs Francesca #77

  5. Such sad news. Hope you keep one another company now. Hugs Rita xx

  6. Sorry about your loosing your cat - so sad after so many years - hope you have some happy photos & memories of her
    Ali #56

  7. Hello and just wanted to say sorry to read about Peanut. It is hard when a beloved Kitty goes. Anne x #134

  8. so sorry to hear you've lost peanut. Butyou have some great memories to keep.
    Xjulie (paperpathway)

  9. Oh my, that is always so hard, even when they're so old and we know it's coming, we mourn and miss our sweet furry friends!

    trisha, #148 this week

  10. So sorry to hear your sad news. We just 'lost' our little dog and know all too well of the void they leave behind them.
    A x #68

  11. Aww...I'm so sorry to hear about Peanut. He sounded so sweet and I'm sure your missing him terribly.
    We know that we only have our furry friends for a limited time and we wouldn't be without them...but it's so hard when it's time to say goodbye.
    He sounds like he had a lovely life ~ Blessings ^..^ xoxo
    Happy WOYWW Neesie #29

  12. Oh no...i am so very sorry about Peanut. It is soooo hard to put a beloved pet down. :-( But you had a very long time with her and I'm sure she had a wonderful, loved life.

  13. Oh, sorry to hear about Peanut. Bless her heart. Losing a pet is losing a family member. I've lost two this year (Daisy the dog and Tulip the parrot). My heart goes out to you.

    Still visiting desks even though it's Thursday.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #17

  14. love you, girl! praying for a good day, today. and i'm glad to see your work space - i can picture you there now when we send our 20 messages a day back and forth :)

  15. Ah, so sorry to read about Peanut, bless her for keeping you company for so may happy years.
    Love the trail of roses up the stem of your lamp, how have I missed that before?!

  16. May little Peanut RIP. Always so sad to lose a pet that has been a constant companion for so long.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #49


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