Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome to the year 2013!!!

I'm back for a brief moment it seems.

Well, I’m a little late with that one, but better late than never-correct?
2012 was year of trials and tribulation for me and my wee family.  
Hubby still hasn't found a steady job, daughter number 2 decided she needed “space” so she moved to my sisters,   I now have osteoarthritis in my knees and my wrists, and perhaps “fibermyalga” brought on by stress and physical wear and tear and last but not least, (big gulp) we nearly lost our house to the bank, we were, as hubby says, “one foot out the door”. We are now 95% sure we have managed to save our home. We are however 100% sure that any saving of our home was done by God.  I don’t think I have appreciated my home so much as I do now.
I praise God for whatever accommodations He provides for us.  He, in His wonderful awesome wisdom, has taken hubby and I on a crash test course.  He has shown me some pretty interesting and painful things about myself and my-cough, cough- flaws.  
Onward and upward is where we go from here. I have decided that in the wonderful event that we successful remain within our home; all those who blessed us with food and financial aid, for those who took our requests before the Lord, they are all invited to one honking’ celebration pool party this summer. 
Do you see the cream coloured enamel pan at the bottom of the back steps? That is for my girl Buddy to drink out of when she is strolling the back yard.  It is also there for the chipmunks to drink out of; it keeps them from certain death in the pool.
I have been keeping sane with my watercolours; without t.v. or internet there isn't much left do to on a cold winter’s eve.  
For Christmas my girls bought me some wonderful Bienfang Water Brushes, they are so kewl.  They also bought me watercolour paper of quality, what a difference it makes…WOW!
Cottage Remnant Artwork copyright 2013
I was ¾ finished this when I took this shot. My watercolour experience is still a work in progress, but I am having a wonderful time learning.
  Funny story about this picture; I sketched this using a picture in a Romantic Homes magazine, but I forgot to take into account that I turned the magazine sides ways, which meant the shading was on top and not where it was supposed to be. 
It wasn't until I was almost finished did I realize why I was having such a struggle.  
My brain knew that the shading should be under, but the picture showed it on top.  I had quite a laugh at myself when I realized it, so I adjusted where I could and the rest –ehh- it’s all good.

Well, I guess that is all for today. 
I hope you find joy in the smallest of things today!

May God who gives Grace and Mercy enable you to share grace and mercy with others this day!
P.S. I have decided that I am going to TRY and use my given name of “Cynthia” rather than Cindy.  Cynthia is so much more creatively satisfying to write, don’t you think; the swirl of the “y” the swoopy tail of the “t” and the hearts on the “i”.

Cottage Remnant
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  1. Cynthia~

    SO good to hear from you!
    Oh my, friend- what a year you were thrown! I'm so sorry things have been so hard. I'm so glad you have God in your life so you are aware of how He carries us. How great to hear you still have your home after all that has transpired. And I have to mention those roses you painted are exquisite! You have been spending your time well! :)
    All the best to you!

    1. Good to hear from you as well my friend. God is truly amazing!
      Thank you, I have been having a lot of fun with the watercolours.
      Blessings to you,

  2. Dear, Dear Cynthia, You make your old mother very proud in all that you have just written. In a world where so many of us try to hide our trials behind [ I'm Ok, Your OK ]it is vulnerability that is so attractive. Each person who is willing to be honest, as they let down their own walls, help remove bricks from others walls.
    Remember that the cry of the human heart is so often " If you really knew me would you still love me?"
    God bless you my darlin girl.

    1. Thank you mom ♥
      what a wonderful way to start my day, thank you for your words of kindness and encouragement.


  3. Dear Cynthia

    I am blessed that you found me and visited my blog!
    I would love you to sit with me on my porch and enjoy a cup of tea while chatting to get to know one another!

    Oh dear I'm so sorry you have been challenged so much in the past year - why you dear Cynthia and not me....
    I agree with Jenniffer's comment that the Lord has carried you - "I have written your name on the palms of my hands" Is 49:16
    Keep your faith close to your heart and I am sure he has a great plan for you.

    I wish I lived close by and could visit you - please know I am there with you in spirit.

    Your painting talent is a gift from God, He will be pleased you are using your talents too!
    I was unaware of the shadow being in the wrong place - you can tell I'm no artist!

    Take care
    God Bless you

    Shane ♥

    1. thank you so much Shane for your wonderful words of encouragement....

      they say that the only thing we can take with us to heaven is our character, and the only way to develop our character is through trials and perseverance......
      i guess i am going to have quite a character then....LOL....

      p.s.... i love the scripture you sent, thank you.



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