Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"FEATURING" another Snow Day

Happy Snow Day Folks!!!
Well for some of us it is ANOTHER SNOW DAY...LOL
Thats o.k. because despite the snow that falls, Spring really is just around the corner.... sorry Neesie, I know that means Autumn is on her way to you....

What to do on a Snow Day..... grab a nice hot cup of tea....o.k. coffee then....(YUK)
get 'into' your favorite chair and peruse a magazine or two.....
Speaking of Magazines.... ( we weren't really)

My friend Jennifer of Just Add Water Silly is a Contributing Editor to this newly forming magazine "FEATURING"
Although I haven't read the magazine myself, I have perused one online.....
Check out this allows you to sample the magazine and all its nuggets of information.

Here is a little about the magazine
Creative people generally do not create in just one area. They are explorers. One day they dip their hands in ink and paint to find themselves the next day scrapbooking, taking photos or writing poetry. Via the Internet, artists from all over the world inspire each other with their work, opening doors to even more creative possibilities and techniques. FEATURING wants to bring these creative worlds together on paper!
does that sound a little like yourself or someone else you know?

Well happy Snow Day folks,

many blessings,

Cottage Remnant
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