Sunday, March 17, 2013

Can you say PINK♥

Did I mention my girls went to see P!NK in Toronto last weekend.

My oldest daughter Cassidy has got to be one to the top ten biggest P!NK fans out there....for those who are unaware, P!NK (Alecia Moore) is a rock singer.  Some of her lyrics are ummmm....not PG 13 but she does have an awesome voice, and fun songs....

Well my girls went down to Toronto (2 hours south of here) and spent 2 nights in a hotel, had their nails done, had long relaxing bubble baths and just did fun girl stuff.

Cassidy had a pink chunk added to the side of her head, so Victoria Rose and I decided we wanted Pink too.....I've always wanted pink streaks, but never willing to pay salon prices.....low and behold Shoppers Drug Mart sells pink hair colour. 

Saturday, the day before they left for the city....Victoria Rose and I did each others hair....what a hoot!
We first had to bleach where we wanted pink, mine bleached so much faster then poor Victoria Rose.....then we had to wash our hair and dry it before adding the super intense pink hair colour, which i might add smelled like yummy cherry pie filling.....a couple hours later and VOILA!!!! Pink hair....

You should see my towels.....Pink colour is still coming out.....but it was all in good fun.

The girls by the way, had a super fantastic time...
Here's a little Pink for you....Joining Pink is her hubby Cary Hart (tattoos and all).

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