Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dragon Fly Shimmer

I attended a baby shower today, where i was asked by a friend to think about painting a Dragon Fly!

 You see I created a picture for the card of course, and of course I got alot of "oh very nice", "you did that", "wow, you're an artist"....LOL....its all good...
 When i asked  Henrietta what colours she would like to see a Dragon fly, she said "earth tones"
 "EARTH TONES"...... O.K....i thought....So i set out to try "earth tones".... i think i did o.k.... there isn't any pink, and although in some images it appears to be alot of is mostly shades of green, and a wee bit of brown.
 I painted this fella as more of a "trial"....wanted to see how it would go....I tried several different media's I think that is the right terminology.....LOL..... i used basic watercolour paints, some wax pastels, some pearlescent paints and some good ol' Sakura gel pens and micron pens.....
 I enjoyed "just creating it"..... didn't over think it....played with it and had some fun....
 I'm pretty sure, this isn't the final attempt at Henny's Dragon Fly....
 But LOOK...can you see the shimmer.....i love things that sparkle and shimmer.
Well here's to creating happy, and happily creating.


Cottage Remnant

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