Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goldfinch Gang

My morning tea would no be complete with the goings on of my wee feathered friends.

 Myself and Franklin love to watch these fellas every chance we get.
This morning we had the pleasure of Mr. Red Pole, I think he's flown in from the south.
The Goldfinch gang are pretty bossy and make it difficult for the others to dine at 'Chez Feeder'.... little scoundrels are always chasing away my sweet little chickadees...but they are cute too, so they can stay.
Mr. Downy doesn't have much to worry about with his suet, the Goldfinch Gang generally don't bother with it.....Mr. Downy has the red head, his wife doesn't have a red head.

Well Blessings on the blizzardly kind of day :)

Cottage Remnant

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