Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hubba Bubba♥

I have been working on something both on paper and in my life!

Guarding my tongue....Watching what I say is harder than I thought..... sometimes things just fall out faster then I can shut them up.

 I started sketching her a little while ago, and the big PINK BUBBLE of "HUBBA BUBBA BUBBLEGUM" just seemed appropriate at the time.

 It was kind of like, use whatever method I can to "guard my tongue", watch what I say.

I started painting her with my "beinfang" watercolour pens, but quickly stopped when I discovered the paint/stain would not move on this "mixed media" paper.

I decided a few weeks later to give it a try with my Prisma colouring pencils.....a different look then the watercolour I had wanted, but still o.k...

Funny thing.... originally she was to have "yoga" pants on (after all, everyone is wearing them).... but very quickly they became good ol' denim jeans.... scary is they look a little like "acid wash" if that doesn't date me, I don't know what will.... LOL

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