Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lady in Waiting

Experiment proved successful.

I sketched this woman the other night while watching t.v. in bed (don't tell the sleep
I wasn't even thinking when i did it in my "supposed" watercolour friendly journal book ( it isn't)

I didn't bother using my wonderful Sakura Micron pens on her because i knew i couldn't paint her anyway.

Here is the experiment....

 I scanned her into my computer (where else would i scan and then did a quick edit job in Photoshop, erased most of the pencil smear marks....(didn't want to knock myself out incase it didn't work).... i then cut a piece of watercolour paper to fit my printer and printed it out using the "just black ink" option....
I then took my handy dandy heat/paint stripper gun and "heat set" the ink....

VOILA!! it worked, I could then use my watercolours on the image.....
In the future i will of course edit with more detail and print out with a higher quality....but on the whole...I'm quite pleased with it all...... Thanks +Alice Hendon for sharing the information....

blessings all,

Cottage Remnant

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1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous sketch, I really love your style :) Such a good idea to scan into your computer too!

    Lauren x


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