Monday, April 8, 2013

Fairy Much Fun♥

Is there a rule about having this much fun?
I am totally enjoying creating these digital stamps.....whether or not i sell any of them is "almost" irrelevant.
Our finances require i do, but i am just so totally enjoying myself.

I created this "fairy good farmer" on paper first of course.....have to keep the hands on feel....
After scanning her in and doing the odd touch up i was able to add colour using a computer program that had a "airbrush" option......
My giftings definetly do not lie with airbrushing, but it was fun to watch her come alive..... the dirt, well that was was the sky.....what can i say! LOL

If you are interested in purchasing this Fairy Good Farmer stamp, i will be listing in my Etsy store within the next couple of days.....she'd be perfect for a Mother's day project.

O.k... of to catch some Zzzzz's

Cottage Remnant
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