Monday, May 13, 2013

Art Class-Day 1

Well I did it.... I signed up for an online art first art class ever....pretty excited to learn something, anything....
I signed up for +Jane Davenport  "Draw Happy", it was only 35.00 (plus) dollars- darn exchange rates.... anyway.....
my first assignment -i guess you could call it- was to paint coloured circles, to which i would add facial features....hehehe....I created a very interesting collection of people....

As you can see, my Acrylic paint selection is rather limited.....i think i gave most of them away during a purge....:P

It was amazing how being shown 3 or 4 very simple little steps can help create a face.....and they are all different.....

Oops!!! I fibbed.....
my first 'assignment' was to send Jane a sample of my doodle....the thing that i do when waiting on the phone, or sitting idle..... apparently we all have one....
I'm not entirely sure if this is my true doodle, as i can't really remember....but i know this feels very familiar....doodling this flower is something i have been doing for eons.....
My next assignment was to make a list of all the "tools" i used to create.....that seems like a rather boring picture to share.

Well time for some Zzzzz's......

Blessings all....and if there are any Toronto Maple Leaf Fans reading sorry! I hear it was close.....
As if i just made a hockey must be time for sleep....ahhhhhhh :P


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  1. ok, random fact. i used to date a guy who played for the maple leafs - back in the late 60's. ok, good night :)

    1. thats too funny.... you'll have to email me his name...:)


  2. How exciting for you Cynthia,
    It certainly looks like you had a happy face on whilst doing this lesson! Such fun :D
    I've been thinking about doing an online class for some time...but unfortunately I don't think I'd be able to have the time just now. Maybe during this coming year I could squeeze something in, who knows? ;D

    1. Thanks Neesie....It was a very brief class...two days tops.....she is actually from Byron Bay Aus....
      She is a very funny girl :)

      Happy squeezing/Creating LOL



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