Monday, May 13, 2013

Art Journal Day 2

Art Journal -Day2
I gave another go at watercolour pencils over the Gesso®.... and i think the trick is- to leave it a while.
What i did discover remember was that i can't use my Staedtler® fineliners until the very end, they run when water is even slightly near by.
I also did discover that my Micron® pigment pens aren't crazy about the Gesso®(do i really need to put ® everytime i use these the ink needed to be heat set to prevent running....which i do not need to do with my normal paper..... good thing for "Heat Guns".....yeah, lets hear it for the Heat Gun...whoot whoot....

 I used the splatter technique that i learned from +Dion Dior  once again.... i am so thankful that i watched her video clip on painting rocks....i have not painted a rock, but i sure have 'splattered' things....i don't even know how i did it before....her was is so flippin simple, it's silly..... Yeah Dion,.... lets hear it for Dion....Whoot Whoot!!!!
 As you can see, i am trying to be all Photographer like and take cool zoomed pictures.....i'm still working on
 I do love the splattered look, makes things all 'neatly' messy, which i absolutely love love love.....
 I'm not one for straight clean lines....i like things fuzzy....just ask my family, they will totally agree.
 my sister is the exact opposite of me, she LOVEs straight clean makes Garage Sale-ing easy...hehehe
If you are looking for Website Marketing or Design, check out my sisters site Willow Graphix and you will see all the straight clean lines.....

Well toot-a-loo for now....
I'm off to the buck store to buy some foam paint brushes for the Gesso (and i'm not adding the ®....such rebellion)
Cottage Remnant
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  1. these look great, cindy, and no you don't have to do the ® every time - just the first time :) i learned that at CZT training :)


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