Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garden Fairy entry

I thought I would share my next assignment in my "Draw Happy" online class....
I copy and pasted my entry.....saved typing it all over again....

Let me say first off.....she IS NOT SUPPOSED to look this provocative.....

and her dress is NOT SUPPOSED to be sheer .
She is supposed to be a tired Garden Fairy, resting on a flower.... LOL LOL LOL

O.k.... that's out of the way..... I created my little 4.5 x 7" waterpaper (not good quality ...bummer) following the step by step instructions provided by Tessha Moore( good quality instructions :) ...I didn't have an 'awl' or waxed i used a darning needle and ordinary thread and pulled gently... lol
I had troubles with the water colour paints because they seemed to 'stick' to the paper....i'm chalking it up to cheap paper... :(
As much as i love shading.....and i love shading....i still struggle with it.....i'm hoping that you touch on that in the next few videos.....
I CANNOT tell you HOW HELPFUL that little bit of information on how to create facial features has helped..... omgoodness ....YEAH!!! :)
I'm off to watch the next video.....back soon

Cottage Remnant
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  1. very nice, cindy, and i appreciate the little glimpse of your journal. gotta make me one of those :)


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