Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Long Weekend -over♥

It was a wonderful long weekend, the sun did its job and shone everyday, even on Monday which was supposed to rain.
I got attacked by the "mally-grouts" this
I was about to throw myself a "pity party", but it was brought to my attention that i might be PMSing i grabbed the calendar, and counted the days....Yup, i was PMSing ...i then reassured myself that the world wasn't coming to an end, things were going to be alright, I just had to give it a couple of daze...days.

I did manage to create a few things the past few days....

 Let me explain this she probably won't win any beauty contest.... i was trying to see if i could draw a side profile of a nose, using the info i learned while taking a mini class from jane davenport.....
I'm not sure why i drew circles for her cheeks, i had seen jane do that, but instructions didn't go beyond that....I decided to leave all the pencil marks and just start colouring.......i used both watercolour pencils and regular coloured pencils....i have to keep reminding myself i can use more than one method at a time....
Now as to why is says "just a spoonful of sugar".....I don't know why....LOL
 this chicky-poo....well i just drew an oval and went from there......she looks vaguely familiar but i'm not sure why...LOL
 Hehehe...... this is my "Pollinator" Fairy.....she's the fairy incharge of all the pollen that we find on our cars, our patio tables, our noses.....all over our painting areas, when we leave the windows open....its all her....
 these next pieces are what i am working on for my digital stamp collection.....they are still works in progress....
I have to still ink with my handy-dandy sakura micron pen, then rescan and edit them gently before creating them as digital stamps.....I'm sure they won't look quite like this when i'm done....LOL
this teacup is inked and ready for editing.....I don't think i like all the cross hatching i is going to be a pain to remove it.... LOL

Well i am still taking it easy with life, TRYING not to do things that will throw myself into a tither....

be blessed,

Cottage Remnant
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  1. the pollinator fairy should be a big bit :) she sure has been busy this season, i'm surprised you got her to sit still for a portrait!

    the tea cup and journal - i want to color that :)

    1. LOL.....I caught her in a rare moment....LOL.... I hope to have the teacup and journal done soon.


  2. Great job Cynthia !!! Were you looking in a mirror?
    Love Mom

    1. Thanks.....which mirror....LOL..

      Luv ya,

  3. Your 'spoon full of sugar' gal is very sweet! I think her eyes are really gorgeous.
    Glad it was such a good weekend with that sun shining- we have torrential downpours here! In fact, the gutter just fell off the roof a couple of hours ago!

    1. Thanks Jenniffer, i am enjoying learning to draw them..... that's not so good news about your gutter, ekk!!! we had brief torrential downpour this gutters are still on...whew!



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