Friday, May 10, 2013

Rainy Day Project

O.K..... now close your eyes...... I want to show you what i have been working on, but it's so silly..... i shouldn't really be showing anyone this....LOL

 HAHAHA..... i told you it is silly..... there are so many things wrong with this picture... :)
 I am wanting to take a couple of online courses, but cannot afford them at this time....sooooo
 I thought i would just try and see how i did on my own.....LOL....LOL....we can see how i did on my own....LOL
 I didn't do too bad with the splattering of my watercolour pencil, a technique i learned while watching a +Dion Dior video.
 Actually it is one of Dion's classes that i want to take, it is the Mastering Twinks course....go check it looks like so much fun.

the other online course is Jane Davenports "Supplies Me" which teaches all about painting faces and such....and as we all can see...... i need to save soon....
I would love to earn the money to take these classes, so if anyone is interesting in purchasing ANY of my digital stamps..... I am offering a discount on all purchases over 5.00.
Just enter the code RAINYDAY when prompted.....

O.K... i'm back to the drawing sometimes i crack myself up....:)
Cottage Remnant
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  1. Stop being SILLY!!!! Don't criticize your work xo

  2. Hey you! Stop comparing your work to some expert and compare it to what you could do a few months ago. Back then you said you could not paint faces at all. You've come a long way baby!!
    Love Mom

  3. haha! your cheering section :) listen to them! your work is wonderful and beautiful!

    1. Thanks buddy.... guess you're part of my cheering section now... :)



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