Friday, June 28, 2013

Good Friday morning

Coming to you live from my new art corner-the basement... Live as thrown a few curve balls lately, and giving up my art room was part of process (details will only lead to a pity party and I'm all out of
So I have made myself a little creating corner I the rec room.... Bonus is it is quite cool down here.
So to quiet my raging thoughts I decided to do a little ATC. Now I'm not sure if there are guidelines to be an official ATC, but I create this on a wee card.
A reminder to me and to others;) to just be still,and wait to hear the voice of God....which I did yesterday, and He reminded me and showed me something s I needed to
This is Cynthia Garner reporting live from the over to you "Alice "....
Cynthia <3

Ps.... This also comes via my cell phone, have it found a place for my computer as of yet....apologize for the wonky look, photo being all down at the bottom and
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