Thursday, January 9, 2014

Altered Journal Mixed Media #3

Shocker.... I've created another one :)

Well this is the second time i am posting this.... my first one was gobbled up by the cyber phantom.... hahaha

This one is interesting, well i think so.... :)
I started her with the idea that she would have long wavy hair... as you can see, she does not have long wavy hair.... as i was sketching in her facial features i realized her hair was already short.... and her makeup was that of the marine's in combat.... camouflage....

The words " STOP hiding in the past & STEP OUT into the LIGHT just came to me, and as they are very fitting for me right now.... I went with it.... hahaha

 "STOP hiding in the past & STEP OUT into the LIGHT
I seem to have issues with the nose and mouth.... try as i may i cannot seem to get them straight or centered.... hahaha.... I still had fun creating :)

Blessings of JOY!
Cynthia ♥
Cottage Remnant
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